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Pistons & Cylinders
Connecting Rods
Crank Shaft
Crank Pin Bush
Cross Head
Valve & Valve Parts
Piston Rings/ Rider Rings
'O' Rings & Gaskets / Oil Seals
Air Filter / Oil Filters
Piston Rod & Oil Scrapper Ring
After Cooler
Air Receivers

Outer Head / Frame Head

M.B. Housing / Distance Piece

Compressor Spare Parts

Pistons & Cylinders Pistons & Cylinders
All Pistons are manufactured by greaded cast iron & aluminium alloys with perfect machining. We can supply as per specifications, drawings or sample of customer’s requirement.
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Connecting Rods Connecting Rods
Connecting rods are available in MOC of Aluminium, Leaded bronze, SG Iron& Forging..
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Crank Shaft
Crank shafts are available for both the type of compressor that is Air cooled & Water cooled unit. Read More ....
Crank Pin Bush Crank Pin Bush
Steel bushing are used in Air Cooled compressors which is readily available for immediate shipment. Read More ....
crosshead.html Cross Head
These crossheads are used in watercooled unit. It is made of individual aluminium alloy casting. Read More ....
Valve & Valve Parts Valve & Valve Parts
These are two types of channel valves, Rectangular & Round valves. Both type of valves are used in reciprocating type compressors. Read More ....
Piston Rings/ Rider Rings Piston Rings/ Rider Rings
Available ready stock in various grades.
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'O' Rings & Gaskets / Oil Seals 'O' Rings & Gaskets / Oil Seals
Available ready stock in various grades.
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Air Filter Air Filter / Oil Filters
All types of “O” rings for I/R & KPC compressors are available ex-stock.
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Piston Rod & Oil Scrapper Ring Piston Rod & Oil Scrapper Ring
Piston Rods are of different size for different models are available ready stock.
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After Cooler After Cooler
Shell & Tube Design & Water Cooled.
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Air Receivers Air Receivers
Horizontal & vertical version
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Outer Head / Frame Head Outer Head / Frame Head
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M.B. Housing / Distance Piece M.B. Housing / Distance Piece
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